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Contoh Teks Recount, Descriptive dan Procedural

Contoh Teks Recount :

 Fun Saturday with My Classmate
Last saturday, me and my classmate want to had a class photo, so at that time we went to jonas photo studio. We had plan to Jonas photo studio at 9.00 am. Because many were late to came, we went to jonas at 2.00 pm, after we arrived in Jonas photo studio at 3.00 pm, we had to wait in line for took our pictures. And in time we took pictures at 5.00pm. After we took the pictures, we went to madtari for ate. After that, we went back to home, in the way we got involved in a jam. And the and alhamdulillah we arrived destination with safely. It was really fun day for our. 

Contoh Teks Descriptive :

I have a classic car, the car is produced by Toyota Corporate. The cars name is Toyota Corolla DX, this car made in 1983. The color of car is white, the car has 1300 cc power engine. The Car uses premium fuel. It has two front seats and two back seats.This car has a cream colored seat cover. It has bag baggage car. The all accessories are still original, from bumper, velg and machine. It has four doors, two front doors and two back doors. The car looks beautiful classic and I love this car.

Contoh Teks Procedural :

How to make Fried Rice

  Do you know how to make a fried rice?everyone knows fried rice and that is easy to make. I will explain to you how to make it.
  Before you know how to make it, you should prepare ingredients such as one egg,three red onion, three garlic, a pinch of salt, two tablespoons soy sauce, cooking oil, add chili sauce or tomato sauce if you want. Now, to make a fried rice, you will need some kitchen utensils like a frying pan, a fork, a spatula, a knife and a plate. I will tell you the steps how to make fried rice.
  First, slice red onion and garlic. After that chop red onion and garlic, heat oil in frying pan. Next, put red onion and garlic into frying pan. Crack egg and put it into frying pan. Stir egg and onions. After that, add a plate of rice, a pinch of salt,two tablespoons soy sauce into frying pan. Stir it all until mixed. Place it on a plate. You can try it, good luck.

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